Kirkwood’s Own Run Commuting Pioneer Looks Forward to the Spring Fling 5K

Run Commuter

Josh Woiderski runs often before and after his workday. But in case you are ready to write him off as another freelancer with a flexible work-from-home schedule, let me clarify: this Kirkwood father of three runs to and from work.

“In 2008, when my wife was pregnant with our first son, I realized that after he was born I wouldn’t be able to run as much if I didn’t start run commuting,” explains Woiderski.

A couple kids later, the family was looking to move from Beecher Hills and found that Kirkwood’s close proximity to MARTA, downtown area, park, biking lanes, and biking/running distance from the office made it a natural choice.

“There are not too many down sides,” says Woiderski, “my overall health has gone up, my race times have gone down, it helps clear my head, waking me up on the way in and detoxing from work on the way home.”

While run commuting takes a little practice and organization, in addition to learning the fine art of the “bird bath,” Woiderski is convinced it is doable for intown dwellers. You can learn more about how to get started at his website or at the Kirkwood Spring Fling 5K Road Race on May 14, where TRC will have a booth set up.

“We are big on running to get a variety of places beyond just the office—you could drop off a library book—it is really about running as an active transportation and being able to stop driving, ” says Woiderski. “We want to help people see how viable it is here in Kirkwood.”

In addition to winning a one-on-one consultation that can help you plan your own run commute from prep at home to fresh at your desk, you can also look forward to a variety of education materials such as a blown-up map and help with finding the right backpack (Woiderski has tested so many that he has begun a backpack lending library).

The core group at TRC will be running the Spring Fling 5K Road Race as well. Join them at the new finish line, with chip timing this year and festivities with emcee Jim Hodgson of The Atlanta Banana.

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